Monday, 1 March 2010

The big yellow ball in the sky!

It's the 1st March today and we've truly been enjoying a Spring-like feel to the day! The sun shone! Literally all day long, oh it was so lovely. And it's only just starting to get dark now at 6pm, could it really be, is Spring on its way? Oh the utter sheer delight of it! This winter has seemed to drag on forever, what with the BIG snow we had which lasted for weeks and weeks, and it's been so bloomin' cold, at work I've needed like 3 tops to stay warm. That's 15 tops per week peeps!! That is one big pile of washing, worse ironing!

I firmly believe Spring to be coming for many reasons, here's a few of them:
1. Pretty little snowdrops popped up in the garden, oh pretty!
2. My ma bought me daffodils and they're in a jug on the table at the moment, I'm sat next to them typing and they smell divine
3. Shining yellow ball in the sky!
4. That would be the blue sky!
5. I could actually walk without my scarf and coat on at lunchtime - admittedly I had just played a very energetic game of badders and was rather an attractive shade of beetroot so therefore a smidge warm, but even so, no coat and scarf! Amazing!

Most excellent news. Wavey has granted me a 6 x 4 foot patch of garden to grow vegetables in! I'm ridiculously excited about this as it's something I've always wanted to do and I think it will be so very rewarding to eat produce that I have grown, proud will be me! I have no doubt there will be many a picture, perhaps with me wielding an onion or spud, oh I can see it now. Happy days.

Raise your glasses to Spring peeps, YAY!

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