Friday, 12 March 2010


You know how they say that bad things always happen in 3s? Well today was my day of 3 bad things. As each one was happening I thought, oh this is pretty rotten, it surely can't get worse than this...oh ho, I was so to be proved wrong!

First up was discovering that my beloved purple boots are broken! Yep, I thought my foot was a bit soggy when I got to work this morning but put it down to the usual rain on suede boots thing. Until I looked a little closer and discovered the GIANT CRACK right across the sole of the left boot! You ask anyone at work and they'll tell you, I was heartbroken. Literally. I could have cried I was so upset. One of my colleagues who spends his life having my life, was stunned when I walked past with my hand in the air telling him to "stop" whatever he was going to say cos I was having a truly rotten day so don't mess with me type thing. Sniffling quietly in the corner I attempted to move on with my day.

Then bad thing number 2 reared its ugly head. I recently enrolled for a course at a local art college where you create your own photobook, and then you use various multimedia in order to manipulate the images, make it look funky and interesting. I was so excited about doing this course. Until today when I got a message to tell me that they'd had insufficient interest in the course and wouldn't be running it. At this point I moved on from heartbroken to stompy.

Until event number 3. I'll have to give a little bit of background to explain this one so bear with me. One of my colleagues is pregnant and will be leaving in May. She's a higher grade than me, in fact I covered her maternity leave with baby number 1. So of course I'm interested again and put my name forward. Long story short, there had to be more than one "expression of interest" so an email would be going out today. Which it did. Except with rather a major error. The post that was advertised was my job...I think I got the first phone call asking when my baby was due within about 30 seconds of that email hitting people's in-boxes. I don't want to go into too much detail but the final outcome of this already embarrassing situation was that an email went out TO THE ENTIRE LIBRARY with a single line announcing (literally, I kid you not) "please note, Dizz is not pregnant".
WTF!! That was it. Short. Succinct. To the point admittedly, but seriously, MORTIFYING!!!! I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of emails and comments I am going back into on Monday. Top trumped. Big style.

Even as I'm reading this back to check I'm mortified. No no no, why me? But just to clarify, please note, I'm not pregnant...

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