Saturday, 13 June 2009

Shoe graveyard

One of my most favourite things is my shoe-rack. It's filled with all manner of lovely shoes - funky flats, hottie high heels, wobbly wedges and it used to have a pair of yellow trainer pumps from Peacocks. I loved those yellow pumps. They were fabby. They were bright and colourful and comfy and looked excellent with jeans. Then they broke. I was a bit surprised by this as I'd only had them for about a week. Admittedly I'd worn them probably everyday that first week, but even so. I took them back to the shop and told them what had happened and please could I have an exchange, which they did and very nicely too. I took the 2nd pair home, and the very first day I wore them they broke again! In exactly the same place, a big crack right from one side to the other. Noooooo, wailed I. How can this be? I know I'm heavy on my feet but I can generally make a pair of shoes last longer than one day! Everyone kept telling me to take them back (which I know I should have done) but I didn't want another pair and I was very upset at their loss. And I'd only paid £5 for them so wasn't too bothered about the money, I wanted my shoes!

Anyhoo, since the day that they broke I have had to throw out so many pairs of shoes. I don't know what's happening. My bedroom bin has turned into some kind of shoe grave. And I'm very unhappy with this situation. First up was my black flipflops. The sun came out to shine and so the flipflops came out to play. Okay so they were from last year and I probably battered them into the ground then, but I put them on and they broke. The shoe grave opened its hungry mouth and schlurrrrrrp, swallowed them up. Next up was me deciding to throw shoes out as they were my ugg-a-likes from the winter. And they were battered (are you seeing the theme here?) and the sun was shining so time to throw them out too, schlurrrrrrrrp. And then another pair of trainer pump type things that were flowered. I'd worn them to go to an 80s night and there was a lot of glass on the floor and the soles just couldn't stand it. Another pair bites the dust.

Yesterday, I was happy at work in libraryland. I was up on the 3rd floor doing some prep work for the journals relegation which involved a lot of kneeling and squatting down to read what was on the bottom shelf. I thought my shoes started to feel a bit odd but wasn't too concerned. Until I returned to my desk, checked the sole and found that they'd ripped! Bloody bugger. Another pair gone!

You know what folks? I've had enough. I can't just keep replacing all these shoes. So I've got vacancies on my shoe-rack. This is not good. I like an overflowing shoe-rack. If I don't have shoes on the rack, and overflowing from a basket next to the shoe-rack, and in the wardrobe, and in a carrier bag then I'm feeling like I haven't got enough shoes.

I'd put out a plea to ask what I should do but I know that immediately R will be on here telling me to stop buying cheap shoes, buy expensive ones and they'll last longer. It won't make a bit of difference when I tell her that I paid 10 whole pounds for the pair that broke yesterday...but if anyone's got any size 7s going spare, you know which direction to point them in.

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Anonymous said...

Yep! I have the same black nine west boots every winter i bring them out, i've had them re-soled three times and they still recieve admiring glances, they cost (M not me) a whopping £130 but they are still there - on my shoe rack.....