Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Birthday and beyond

Well folks I had a lovely birthday. Not a big party night but just a really nice day! The sun was shining, I was wearing my new floaty maxi dress and all was right with the world.

I started the day with brunch at the The Waffle House THE most delicious (and organic) waffles in the world (so far!) I would highly recommend a visit if you're ever visiting St Albans. This was followed by a bit of a shopping spree in St Albans itself, managed to get a few things I've been meaning to get for ages plus some mirrors for when I move at a completely bargainous price and some wicker drawers (which are currently taking up residence in our already crowded living room til the time comes to move!).

Later in the day we headed to the cinema and saw The Hangover which wasn't bad - maybe not quite as hilarious as the critics made out but quite amusing and then headed home via the patisserie in Southgate which does the most amazing cakes (treats galore!).

These were the ones we got:

And this was the how they anded up:


After that we headed home had something savoury to eat to cancel out all the sugar and then headed to bed feeling completely knackered - I'm definitely getting too old!

Today I woke up feeling excited about the prospect of the year to come and found that I was...

very itchy! :(

I've developed a nasty red bumpy rash all over my arms and legs, My very sympathetic housemate L has assured me (read - told me to quit my whining!) that its just a heat rash (which it probably is) but I feel like I will be shunned if I were to step into the outside world oh woe is me!

Here I submit the evidence for your perusal:

My rash covered knee!

Anyhow I'm sure it'll go away sooner or later weird that it didn't happen while I was away in Sunny Spain!

Hopefully I'll be clear by the time I'm visiting next but for now I'm heading to bed as I (really desperately) need my beauty sleep!

Night night!

PS I apologise if my images are huge not sure what's going on - did select the small image on importing...

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dizz said...

Cakes = yum.

Rash = yikes!

Hope it gets better soon. Can't wait til next week!! x