Sunday, 14 June 2009

Green fingers

Time to blog the plant progress. The chilli plants were bought way back on May Bank Holiday and the pepper plants came along via Wavey's dad shortly after that. They were all really teeny when they arrived on the Magic Windowsill (I know ideally there would have been a before and after but there isn' there you go).

First up is the pepper plant:


From what I understand the flowers eventually turn into peppers, exciting!

Next up is the chilli plant. These were literally a teeny weeny stalk with 2 leaves when I bought them for 50p each. And now they're this big:


The next one is to show how much is crammed onto the Magic Windowsill at the moment:


I know it doesn't particularly look very magical but you have to believe me, it truly is! I put plants on there and they thrive and grow, it's amazing!

From now on, I'll do my bestest to report on the progress. Imagine how exciting it will be when the first peppers and chillis appear!

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