Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Do you want to sign up?

Towards the end of last year here in libraryland, we got a new big boss. And this big boss? She's got lots of ideas. One of them is improving the social culture of libraryland, making us more social networking type peeps. I can you hear you all thinking that this sounds like a great idea, colleagues getting together, chitting the chat, netting the network type thing...oh-ho, if only things were that easy.

My boss (not so big) kindly volunteered me to be part of the social committee who would be responsible for this new chitty chat, netty networking thingie. She's so nice, isn't she? I guess, thinking about it, you could consider me a social bod. I'm always chitting the chat with as many people as possible. And because of this I know a lot of people, and, perhaps more importantly, I have great powers of persuasion and might be able to make them think they want to come to our event.

When we had our first meeting I started to worry about how successful this first event was going to be. Mainly because we were kindly informed that we had zero budget. And nowhere to host it. And no idea what to do either. Yikes! A tricky challenge, thought I. But! We valiantly rallied around and came up with the idea of a Games Night. Yep, between 4-8pm on Friday 3rd July we will be playing giant Jenga! Giant Connect 4! Giant Downfall! Twister! Table tennis! Curling! Skittles! There'll be food! And alcohol! And you know what? No-one wants to come. How pants is that?

On the sign up sheet there's only about 7 names, and 4 of them are the social committee people who have to be there. I've been bigging it up to as many people as possible and got a few hesitant verbal agreements, but the rest of them in libraryland? Nope. Have to do this, have to do that, don't wanna come, that sounds rubbish; you name it, I've heard it. Oh, one kindly colleague said that if I agreed to flash him my boobs then he'd come along...of course I said no to that but on reflection, and with such small numbers it might just have to come to such extreme measures...

So here's my appeal lovely readers: how can we persuade people to sign up?

Any of you readers in libraryland who haven't signed up yet, get your name on the board NOW!

All suggestions gratefully long as they don't involve me showing off parts of my body.

Thanking you all most kindly.


Anonymous said...

I'm coming! I just keep forgetting to take a pen with me to the staff room! Perhaps thats one measure, provide a pen!!!! I don't know hun, you know what everyone's like it mght be a loosing battle! bUt there's still a month.

fizz said...

Giant jenga? How will you cope with the stress?

Jill said...

I agree pen in staff room will help I've gone to put my name on twice and no pen = no name.

I'm now of the opinion that since I'm going and I have the best excuse of everyone at work to not go - not a single one of them has a decent enough reason for not going (excluding holiday or illness) and you can tell them that if you want to :)