Friday, 12 December 2008


It's a good job you blog readers don't expect daily updates on this here blog cos we would fail miserably were that the case. Luckily you just seem to be rather content little peeps whenever one of us decides to do a post. Phew. As is usual there has been lots of happenings in Dizz-land so I'm going to break it up into nice tidy sections.

My thai cookery class finished on 1st December so Monday was the first night without the class. But this doesn't mean that thai has to stop! Oh no. Quite the opposite in fact. Now that I know what I'm doing I'm becoming a wee bit experimental. I get to my kitchen, open the fridge, and start to think, hmm if I threw that together, added a bit of soy sauce, a bit of dry stock, a tablespoon of sugar and wok-ed it all up that would be right tasty. And it usually is! The thing that I have loved most about the class, beyond the obvious of getting to eat lots of yummy food, is that it's made me even braver in the kitchen. Not that I've been much of a wuss in the past I hasten to add. Ask anyone, I love my kitchen. It's one of my most favourite places to be. But I am really into the thai. Truly. The aromatic-ness of it is just so blummin' yummy that I find it irresistable. So if you're due round my house anytime soon for a meal don't be surprised if the dish served up is of the thai variety.

Happy Wednesday
On Wednesday night Wavey and I popped along to Fizz's in order to help her celebrate Wednesday. There was absolutely no reason for this, nope, none at all, and should anyone suggest that Wednesday was in fact Fizz's birthday then they might be shot...However, we were not celebrating birthdays, we were celebrating Wednesday. So in order to do this we had chilli. It was very yummy chilli, but not my kinda chilli. I'm a spicy girl. I love my food hot and when I make a chilli I'm generally taking off clothes in order to eat it. But, it was still very tasty! Then we had cake. As we all know you absolutely do not need a reason to have cake, so this carrot cake was enjoyed muchly too. We followed the meal with a particularly energetic game of Frustration which is possibly one of the best board games ever (Fizz, just to check, would this be hyperbole or exaggeration...?) somehow Wavey won the first game. Quite how this happened is beyond any of us as Wavey knows the rules, he cannot win, ever. It applies when him and Fizz play Squish and it definitely applies when we play board games. The world was returned to its rightful order when I won the second. We rounded off this happy Wednesday by watching The Dark Knight which was, erm, dark. And long. But good. And I did like Batman's motorbike, funkay!

Late night shopping
Thursday night is traditionally late night shopping in our fair town in the lead up to the Christmas festivities. I was supposed to be joining Cat in the search for a slutty dress (the reason for this will appear in a future to tease you readers so that you keep coming back for more) but she had to go get her hair cut so instead Jillybean and I headed in to brave the masses. And masses it was. Ugh. It was horrible. All the shops were packed. People were jostling and bumping and generally looking super stressed. I was doing pretty well with the whole shopping thing, I even managed to complete the items on my list! Yay! By about 6.30pm I was losing the will to live. I texted Wavey who was also in town and we were going to meet up and have coffee and cake but by the time we actually found each other we decided it would be best to just get in the car and get the hell out of dodge and go and have tea instead. So that's just what we did.

Sneaking it in there
Wavey=boyfriend. Dizz=very happy. Nuff said really.

This year I got a recipe from T at work for making my own mincemeat, you know for making Christmas mince pies. I've had this recipe for a couple of months now and it's always been yep, I'm making the mincemeat today/this weekend. And it's never happened. Until tonight! Oh yes. I've finally got around to it. And it smells SO GOOD! I had to cover it in foil in the end cos I kept going in to sniff it! So I have to leave it overnight "for the flavours to mingle" and then I bake it tomorrow. I'm hoping that it's going to taste as good as it looks/smells. I took some piccies of it but my camera batteries are recharging and every other pair that I try in there are obviously near death cos it's just not playing. I'll do a before and after once it's cooked up. Yum!

Operation clean-up
On Sunday 21st I'm hosting a pre-Xmas open house shindig type thingie and as there's family coming as well, my lovely ma has insisted that she come round and clean my windows and hoover my curtains and scrub the yard and feather duster the walls cos as we all know housework is not really up there on my list of priorities and therefore these things do not occur to me. i'm not sure what time proceedings will begin but I'm sure you can feel my sense of excitement at this task...but at least the rellies will be able to say how sparkly my windows are.

Leg warmers/knee high socks
I'm loving them. I've rocked them several times with my ugg-u-likes and belts. Oh and I bought a pair of over the knees that have ribbons round the top. Woohoo! Fizz is currently knitting me some legwarmers with penguins on them. In red. I'm very excited about them!

Christmas cards
Will I ever write them? Let's hope so cos I've got a biiiiiiig list!

And that my dears is it. It's been a lengthy post. I hope you've all stuck around til the end. Watch out for the mincemeat bake-a-thon piccies xx

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fizz said...

It's not hyperbole or exaggeration, it's simple fact. And I spotted how you sneaked in the B-word. Tcha.