Sunday, 7 December 2008

Christmas crackers

Greetings! Blimey it's December already. That whizzy time thing that I keep talking about...still going on. And it's causing mayhem. Let me tell you about a few of the things that have been happening in Dizz-land.

First up, I reckon it all started when my watch battery died at quarter to one in the a.m one night. From that point on I started being disorganized Dizz. Who'd have thought that such a simple thing as a watch could be the cause of all the madness, but I'm blaming that, so there. Of course the ever ailing flexi meant that I didn't want to take an hour for lunch to get it fixed and all the battery shops close before I finish work at 5. So for 2 whole weeks I was watch free. I was relying on my mobile phone for the time and it didn't do a very good job. And thus it began.

My toaster broke. This is because I'm addicted to Warburtons crumpets. And I was trying to make them fit in my toaster cos my cooker/grill is on its last legs (so another story) and they got stuck. And smoke started smoking out of it. Mucho flapping later I opened the window and had got most of the poor burned crumpets out.

Then yesterday I couldn't get into my living room. I will have to explain now. Dizz-dad is super conscious of security so had a lock fitted that would prevent any burglars or bad'uns from getting further than the downstairs should they dare to break into my humble abode. So I come downstairs for breakfast on Saturday morning. Turn the key. Nothing. I shake the handle a few times. Still nothing. I try turning the key again and shaking the handle and still no joy. Luckily I had my mobile phone, called the Dizz-dad and explained and he came down and sorted it. But it did mean a new lock. And mucho hassle for my poor dad who had to make the brand new lock fit into the built in 1901 house door. Hmmm. But he has done a valiant job. My dad rocks!

Oh and last week when I was selling icecreams up at theatre I had a particularly horrible evening where many people were grumpy at me. I missed my bus and had to call my dad for a lift. He'd just got out of the bath. More grumpy. Oh and when I got there I sold 4 icecreams so it was totally worth all the hassle...poor Dizz ended up a bit teary at the end of that night, but felt much better after a Green and Blacks hot choc and a hug from the bloke-friend.

There are many positive things happening though now. I had my watch battery fixed yesterday. And since then I've finished buying most of my Christmas presents. I've cleaned up the spare room that actually did look like a bomb had hit it. The play has finished so I get my life back to get organised for writing Christmas cards. And sorting out the party that I'm throwing in exactly 2 weeks, yikes!

Oh and the bestest thing was seeing Kings of Leon on Thursday. OH WOW! Did they rock. Oh yes. It was utterly fabulous and me and D had a marvellous time. We're hoping for Aerosmith next. Enough of this indie girlie nonsense, time to be a serious rock chick I reckon!

Over and out xxx

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wavey said...

Any chance of taking the toaster back on the basis that it is not WCC (Warburton Crumpet compatible)?