Friday, 12 September 2008

Heroes, villains, and a doll that was meant to be Cat

If I wasn't so blimmin' busy out there, living the life, I would have blogged about this already, but as it stands I'm in a kind of time delay blog situation. So bear with me whilst I catch up.

Last Saturday saw us heading out to the coast to Superman's 30th birthday bash. When we got the invite and we found out it was fancy dress and the theme was Heroes and Villains we were so very excited! Costume ideas were thrown around and it was declared over a Chinese meal that I should go as Poison Ivy from the Batman film. Fast forward to last Saturday and you see me frantically trying to sort out said outfit in time to get a lift to my other lift that was taking me there. As there were so many stand out moments from the party, a lot of this is going to be visual, with the odd comment thrown in for good measure.

First up though, an explanation must take place of the doll. Cat who is generally one of our party peeps couldn't attend this party as she was in London busily attending the "Gay wedding of the century". In her place she purchased a doll of the superhero variety and we were to take this with us and pretend it was Cat. And we did. Very merrily. We made her drink wine. We made her snog Penfold. We made her dance. We took her dress off and stuck it on my horns. We booted her across the room and watched her slide on her no, wait a minute, we obviously wouldn't do that to Cat but we somehow couldn't resist being naughty to the poor doll.

First things first though. Here come the visuals:

Here you find Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Wicked Witch of the East/West, and the Cat doll:


And here's Lara Croft, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman:


How evil does the Cat doll look?


Check out the sign. We made that!


Oooh Penfold, suits you sir!


Cat doll and booty:


The most exciting yet nerve wracking part of the night for me was knowing that I had 30 minutes to fill as a DJ. I was super excited when Superman asked me and felt very privileged that someone should think I have such good music taste they want me to be a DJ! As you can imagine I spent much time and effort and planning selecting my tracks, finding out how far in I needed them to be, which song should go where...loads of fun! When it came to it, my hands were shaking! So this is me getting my reminder session on how to use the kit:


And this is me when I looked up 4 songs into my set and the dancefloor was full:


I was so excited! And I loved how excited Superman was as everytime I played a song he liked he would fly over to the desk (d'ya see what I did there? yeah) and shout CHOOOOOOOOOOON! and then go off and dance. It was wicked! Safe to say we had an excellent night.

As the end approached, Superman took over the desk once again and played this crazy ska-like version of Nellie the Elephant. Don't ask me why but it felt like the best song I'd ever heard and me and Catwoman jumped up and down until it was all over. What a night. Can't wait for the next one!

Stay tuned for more events, including an open mic night and a didgeridoo! xx


Val said...

I love your outfit, but I can report that Cat was horrified when she saw that you had removed 'her' dress!

cat said...

Ahhh, y'know I love it really ;o) It was great to be there in spirit at least, and sort of fitting that whilst I was watching the puppets of Avenue Q I was being represented by a doll! She did all the stuff I would have done too (well, maybe apart from the Penfold-snogging!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time, costumes look fab and i'm so glad everyone danced on your set!