Wednesday, 27 August 2008


There are so many deeeelicious new things happening that I just had to share. So here goes.

New Season
I have lust. For all the lovely new season clothes that are in the shops. On a weekend shopping trip with Cat I managed to purchase one spotty dress with pockets (pockets!) from the scary goth shop (dress not scary I hasten to add, short yes, but scary? no), a pair of very dark jeans that are lovely and fitted at the top and then have big flares and one blue tweedy bomber style jacket from Peacocks, and 3 tops from the beloved H&M. How I managed to restrain myself is unbelievable. Cos I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. Ooooh much as I love wearing summer clothes, I do love going into that new season excitement.

New Gig Schedule
Seriously, there are so many that it has become a schedule. Last night we saw We are Scientists. 3rd time out for me and by far the best time yet. They rocked the place. And oh. so. cute. The lead singer has the best indie hair and it's even going a bit grey so it's all like salt n pepper...perhaps it would be fair to say that I have lust for him also. He came out into the crowd and people were touching his hair. Now much as I like his hair, if I was going to touch anything, it would have been his cutie bum. There was much amusement with the people watching also as the crowd were mainly 14. And us. No that's not fair, it was a mixed bag but there were a lot of 14 year olds. One of them actually threw up on the bus that I was on in order to get to the gig. Classy. There was an actual Wino-wannabee there too. She was probably about 15. And she was really going for it. Same beehive but bleached blonde and dirty raggy hair, a teeny tiny body, a teeny tiny dress and probably a teeny tiny bra in order to hoist her not so teeny tiny boobs up and out. You gotta love the people watching. Anyhoo, that was the beginning of the late summer/autumn/winter gigs. Cos in 4 weeks we have The Ting Tings. Then 4 weeks after that we have One Night Only and Vampire Weekend in a couple of days of each other, and have just found out that Martha Wainwright is playing 2 days before them and I simply must see her cos she is oh so fabby, and then it's Kings of Leon! Oh how much I love the gigs.

New television
Not an actual television set, but just as good, I bought my weekly copy of heat magazine and found out that Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives both return to the screen next week. Yippeee!

New books=education
After a recent discussion with Cat concerning the art of burlesque and whether it is feminist or not (more about this in future posts, watch this space!) I decided that I need to expand my knowledge on feminism. I know I'm not alone in following the stereotype that true hardcore feminists are man hating, hairy legged, dungaree wearing scary peeps
...possibly explaining why one needs such an education. I'm slightly scared I have to say. The texts I have taken out of my library are very large. And they have little writing. And no pictures. Considering my current reading matter is Forever by Judy Blume I'm thinking it's going to be very different. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

New fitness
After the night out with D when we talked about being 5 years older, we also declared a need to get us to the gym. Cos much as we like to think that it's okay not to exercise, we all know that ain't the case so gym it is. My induction is tomorrow at 8pm. I'm really not a big fan of the gym. But I'm also not such a big fan of the wobbly-ness. I'm almost certain this will go the way of all other fitness declarations and I'll soon be the cake eating, non-exercise wobbly that you all know and love.

New is over and out. Later alligator x

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Librarian Girl said...

So as a degreed feminist (Women Studies major dontcha know) I have to say that I am the opposite of that stereotype. So it is possible. On the other hand, the type was indeed very tiny.