Thursday, 14 August 2008

Job, didn't get

I decided it would be easier to blog about not getting the job than it would be to try to text everyone that I know. I haven't heard officially from the HR bods but I have heard via a text message leading to an email that another colleague got it over me. Nyeh.

There was once a time when I applied for a job in there that I was actually doing and they gave that to someone else as well. I was younger then and kind of incensed. I went shopping and bought this brilliant teeshirt that had a logo on saying "KISS MY..." and then it had a picture of a monkey baring his arse, thus 'kiss my arse' and I wore it to work the following day. It was brilliant. I didn't need to say anything or be outraged as the teeshirt did it all for me. The big boss took one look at it and scarpered, clearly fearing I was going to cry or cause some kind of fuss.

This time around I'm much more philosophical. I've had the attitude all along that if it was meant to be, then I would get picked. Clearly this is not my job. Who knows where my perfect libraryland job does lie? But it's clearly not in the area of digitisation.

I briefly considered what kind of teeshirt I should buy. Before I decided that I don't need to do that anymore. On Monday I will go in, congratulate my colleague, sit back at my desk in my usual rockin-it outfit and rise above it all.



cat said...

It's a crazy world, and libraryland is crazier still.

Anonymous said...

Go Girl. Rise above it and then watch it all fall.

fizz said...

Pah. Pah pah-pah pah-pahhhh PAH!