Saturday, 9 August 2008

Dizz returns!

Well hello! Long time no blog. It's been fabby to sit back and let Tizz and Fizz take over for a few weeks. But there's so much I have to tell you I'm going to have to break it up into categories. Seriously. Dizz has been a busy bee. So no point messing around. Let's get to it.

One of the reasons I haven't blogged in so long was that work was dragging me down. I won't go into it too much cos you really don't need to hear it all but the basic story is I was covering a post in the finance department. I probably might have mentioned to, oh pretty much everyone, how much I hated it. Truly I did. For the 4 weeks I was cover I was close to tears every evening that I returned home. I almost, to my shame, cried in a car park when I bumped into Wavey I was so upset. So it made me grumpy. And I didn't want to blog grumpy. So I just didn't blog. There is light at the end of this dreary tale. The cover is over. I may have done a celebratory jig around a few desks I was that chuffed to be rid of it. And now I'm back in my beloved electronic journal homeland. I am smiley once again at work. Yay!

In true Dizz style, I didn't let the grumpy work affect my playtime. In fact I probably made sure I did even more than usual in order to counteract the grumpy that was work, play Dizz was fun fun fun. I was out and about doing everything. I said no to very few things and yes to oooh everything! I was knackered. But good knackered. To sum up quickly I've seen loads of films, the highlight being Mamma Mia. Yup, Dizz who hates musicals absolutely LOVED it! I came out of that cinema with a huge grin on my face, came home and pranced and danced to Abba. What a great film. I even want to see it again. And think I will buy it on dvd. This is like a miracle. Maybe the musical love happens as you get older? Who knows. Who cares. Embrace. Enjoy. Lurve the musical. I also had a soooper weekend with my girlies in Stratford where we watched the oh so lovely David Ten-Inch in Hamlet. This was an awesome experience in more ways than one. Not only was it an utterly fantastic performance, with a gorgeous set, beautiful lighting that intrigued me so much I almost bumped heads with the person in front as I bent down and forward in order to see them come out of the ceiling, the deeelightful glimpse of David's pants (oooh!), and general all round greatness that ended in 3 curtain calls and me coming out in goosebumps and pittery-pattery heart beats at the end. Oh! Wow! That was all I could say. Seriously. Wavey texted me whilst we were in the pub and I think the majority of the text was made up of 'wow'. The loveliness of the weekend continued with drinking in a lovely beer garden, a fabulous day of shopping and lots of yummy food, Fizz buying her house and us all high fiving her round the breakfast table, a wonderfully funny road trip home where we sang loud and bad and laughed and laughed. I didn't want it to end it was so utterly fabulous. But such good memories. Since then there's been lots of spending time with my favourite peeps, eating, drinking, gossiping, laughing, what more do you need my lovelies?

Unwanted emails
Just before Christmas, for about 15 minutes I was seeing this guy. We were all very happy, it was all very lovely, but then it all went a bit wrong when his ex decided that she wanted him back, he picked her, Dizz was sad, Dizz got over it. A couple of weeks ago who should I get an email from but said guy. Wanting to know if we could start up again. My first reaction was a pounding heart. Followed by a teeny bit of outrage. The very cheek! I discussed it with the usual nearest and dearest and reached the conclusion that there was no way this was going to happen again. So I had to send an email back. It was horrible. How do you say to someone, basically, tough luck. But I did it. And I told him never to contact me again. He said he would post back the book that he basically stole from me first time round. So far no book. I'm thinking that I have to give up on the book. Again. And! Today I went into the coffee shop where we spent a lot of our dates getting to know each other. It's now considered a safe zone once again. As R very kindly pointed out, that kind of grief is what you expect after 8 years of marriage and 2 kids, not a handful of dates and a few weeks of fun. Pah!

Today I treated myself to a pedicure. I've been working lots of overtime at work and I love having painted toenails and a foot rub! So off I went to my lady in my beauty salon. Oh it was heaven. I was in there for a whole hour. And I didn't once jump even though I have the most tickliest feet! I chose a really dark purple:


Nice or what! Suits you sir!

Butt ugly
Whilst enjoying the lovely weekend with my girlies in Stratford we came upon a little craft fair. Fizz seriously can't walk past anything that says craft without us going in. And it was so cute. It was one of those odd little craft fairs that has pretty odd stuff in. I saw the following and just thought, I have to have me one of those:


How funny is that! It's horrible. It's ugly. But it grows grass out of its head! So wrong in the halls of interior design but yet so funny. Makes me laugh every morning when I see it.

On Thursday at 9.30am I have an interview for the post of Information Officer: Digitisation. How utterly posh does that sound. I really want me this job as I very firmly believe that this is the future of libraries so I want to get a head start. I have bought a very lovely black skirt to wear today that is high waisted and ties with a bow. Smart. Funkay. Just got to decide what to wear on the top then I'm ready. I'll keep you posted!

And I think that's it. You've had a very brief catch up. I'll be back more frequently now, honest injun. Hope you're all having a very lovely weekend xx

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