Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Imaginary Dog Names

When I eventually move into my new pad I'm hoping to get two little dogs (I want two so they can keep each other company). They will probably be miniature Yorkshire terriers because my brother is hoping to breed from his. I've already decided that one of them would be called Basil. This is so that, if it runs away, I can shout "Basiiiiil" a la Fawlty Towers. The question is what to call the other dog.

Now this is all hypothetical. The dogs do not exist and I've no idea what sex they will be if they ever do come into existence. But just for fun, what should the other dog be called? I've already discarded Sybil and Manuel as too obvious. Any suggestions?


Fxy Rowland said...

Hiya lady,

Here be my suggestions:

1.Nboogie (so when he's naughty you can shout "Get Down Nboogie!)
3. Doctor Who
4. Sage
5. Eileen (So that when yuo're walking her you can shout "Come on Eileen!)
5. Prince Tarquin Oblabov-Bobladov Montador of Upper Norton

More importantly though, you should consider what voice your pets are going to have (everyone does it) For example, Molly Malika von Pussycat has the kind of gruff sounding voice that can only be achieved by smoking 20 fags a day, whereas Princess Jemima Jellybobs Puppykins has a much cuter voice.

Anonymous said...

DFER - D for Dog

wavey said...

Gotta say I'm liking Nboogie !!!!

All I can offer is 'Bigboy' ... truly ironic for a yorkie but with the bonus of being able to stand in the street shouting 'come here bigboy'

A vote needs to be organised !

dizz said...

I'm trying to think of something fabulous. Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't ignoring the name challenge :)