Thursday, 18 September 2014

The travelling pants

Wavey reminded me of a conversation that we had when I worked in libraryland, along the lines of me saying, "I never get to go anywhere..." Fast forward to now and these days I'm rarely in the office. I'm usually in my car, satnav plugged into the cigarette lighter, radio on, driving off to some meeting or other. I kind of like it, and I'm kind of massively out of my comfort zone! It's a heady mix that often leads to Nervous Nelly moments, but I'm being really really brave and each day is a new achievement. I'd like to say it's all plain sailing, but combined with the evil house move stress I've had some wobbly moments this week. 

As I was driving home from York today, which took about an hour, I cast my mind back to when I lived in London, and would think nothing of travelling for up to 2 hours to go and meet people and do exciting London stuff; at one house I lived in, including the walk to the station, my daily commute was 90 minutes! If someone asked me to do that now I would laugh in their face. No thank you kindly job person. Which of course got me to thinking about how everyone else is doing the daily grind to get to work. 

Take Wavey for example, he works 30 miles away from our house so each day he does 60 miles! Tizz sometimes goes on a ferry to get to work! The best commute I ever had was when I worked in the next town along and it literally used to take me 6 minutes from my front door to the car park. It's all relative I guess, and it's a part of life for everyone. 

What do you do as you travel? I like the radio, as it feels less lonely and more like a conversation. Plus I get to sing along to all my favourite songs and often laugh out loud. When Wavey and I go on road trips we always have the iPod with a mix I've usually created specifically for the journey. I think we all do something that helps us get through that journey. 

So, as well as trying to open a banana and drive at the same time today, I was planning this post. It's kind of rambling but there go my thoughts when I'm in my car. That's all. 

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Librarian Girl said...

I go from music to listening to podcasts and sometimes audiobooks. Singing while driving is the bomb.