Friday, 12 September 2014


When we thought we would be moving into our new home a couple of weeks ago, we did a whole heap of packing and many many trips to our storage container. Now, weeks later, when we're still waiting for an actual moving out date, it's odd for the house to be so bare. Everyone comments when they come in, and the only way I can describe it is unloved. We don't really love it anymore, as we're moving onto the next phase, and the new owner has told me she loves it but until all her stuff comes and she makes it her own, it's this version of unloved nothing-ness; it's kinda sad. And it doesn't really feel like coming home anymore, mainly due to how much everything is reduced. 

Take our eating stuff for example. Whereas before we had big piles of plates and bowls, now we're operating on the absolute minimum and have two of everything. So basically if anyone comes round to eat with us they might have to bring their own cutlery, or I create a menu that is entirely based around eating with your fingers and happily provide the napkins - pizza anyone...? 

This is going to sound really vain but the thing I am least enjoying is how much my wardrobe is reduced. We took most of it to Wavey's mam's house, which is hardly miles away and easily accessible at any time, but I'm operating with this reduced choice of wardrobe. Oh! It makes me sad. I love all my clothes, seriously I do. I don't have anything that sits in the back of the wardrobe not being worn, I mix it up day after day to make sure I give them all the love they deserve. But right now, I have this whole capsule thing going on. I have all my work clothes, which are not many, as I'm not a huge fan of the bizness dress thing (stop repeating yourself, they get it) and then the rest of the time I've lived in jeans. Like every single day. And some variety of vest/tee with maybe a cardigan if it's a bit cold. Bor-ring! 

And the same pair of shoes. That I paid £6 for in Tesco, and have most certainly earned their keep. Literally never had them off my feet. They may walk away by themselves soon... I'm already regretting packing away my boots as Autumn is fast approaching (or is it actually here? I can never tell) and boots will soon be needed. I've already mentioned to Wavey that I think I need a trip to the storage to seek them out, otherwise it means going out and buying new when I have perfectly good stuff in there that I love (and miss!). Oh the dilemmas. 

I'm curious to know if this capsule thing is what most people have going on normally? I know I have a lot of clothes, I'm never ashamed to admit that, but I reckon when you make good use of them there's nothing to feel bad about. How do you do it though, if you only have like 2 jumpers to choose from? Is it all about the accessories? Even they are reduced as I foolishly packed them too. 

So the moral of this story is: never believe estate agents who give you moving out dates. It's entirely possible they are lying to you. 

Anyone got a spare fork we can borrow...? 

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