Sunday, 7 September 2014

Big screen

Guardians of the Galaxy

I had literally read nothing about this film before going to see it with Fizz this afternoon. I was quite certain that it was Marvel related (correct, well done Dizz) and a vague notion of a group of superhero types saving the galaxy. I'm still not entirely sure how to describe the characters, bizarre could be a good word, as could mixed bag. Let's see if I can describe them: there's a raccoon, a tree that speaks, a green lady, a buff bald painted man, and the lead guy who was a bit of a mess and still listened to mix tapes on his Sony Walkman. 

There's an orb, lots of space ships, Glenn Close as a cop boss, and lots of explosions. Ordinarily that would be right up my street but there was something about this film that just didn't really grip me. I'm the champion of leaving any logic at the door and just throwing myself into the whole experience, but it was all just a bit silly and the first 10 minutes were totally confusing and frankly, not that interesting. 

It's weird as Fizz and I often go to the cinema together, but we also have quite different tastes in films. She loved this whereas I was shaking my head at the bonkers awful of it by the end, where of course they had already set up the sequel. 

Summary: great music, moments of mild amusement, but an overwhelming feeling of nyeh about the whole thing. For me, they were more like the guardians of cheese, as in cheesey, not that great a film. 

So what's next, Fizz? It is the season of good films. I would definitely be up for the Box Trolls. Any recommendations for us? 

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fizz said...

There's nothing on my radar at the moment. Will keep my eyes open.