Sunday, 11 May 2014

Oh my!

It's been ages since I blogged, but to be honest there's been very little going on but a whole heap of work. And pretty much the same stretching forward for the next 2.5 weeks until official hand in date of 27th May. Eek. Yikes. And many other similar words that mean shiiiiiit that deadline is creeping up. I literally cannot wait for it all to be over. 

I dream of a time when I don't have to be thinking about academic work anymore. 

I dream of a time when I can have a pay day again, but before then I must find a job which will probably also involve a lot of dreaming. 

I dream of a time when I can go to the cinema again, so many films I want to see and so little free time at the moment. 

I dream of time. Free time. Oh my...! 

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