Friday, 16 May 2014

The natural world #2: 100% natural toothpaste

What is it: Green People, 100% natural toothpaste. 'Minty cool', and free from harsh foaming agents, flouride, artificial flavours, colourings, sweeteners, and preservatives. And certified organic by all the organic, tree hugging people. 

How was it? The first thing to get beyond was the fact that it was brown. Like mushroom soup colour brown. Clearly that artificial colouring thing is what makes other toothpastes so funky in colour (I do love a green stripe). The next thing was that it was runny. Instead of dolloping a pea size amount on your toothbrush as all good dentists recommend, a squeeze of the tube revealed this runny bleurgh type of liquid that started to drip down the side of the toothbrush and left the sink looking disturbingly like someone had barfed mushroom soup into there. The third thing was how it felt when I was cleaning my tooth. It made them squeak. Which kind of went through me the first time and didn't really improve, despite my valiant attempts to keep this thing going. Wavey has been equally disturbed by the whole experience and even requested that I just buy some normal toothpaste, please. 

How long? We gave it a good three weeks of testing I would say. Even did some tube wringing on it:

More details please: I'm not sure this is something you could buy everywhere. I bought it from an organic products website, just to give it a try. It cost £3.15 and the tube is only 50ml, pretty small in comparison to your bigger, non-organic brands. So as well as being just a bit rank, it's also pretty expensive. 

Will I buy again? 100% No. You know how committed I am to tree hugging and all round clean and organic living, but I think some things just don't cut it. For the three weeks I've used it for I've never really felt like my teeth have been properly clean, even with the squeeeeeak (like talon nails down a blackboard) which might suggest they were. Overall, it was quite an unpleasant experience that I definitely don't wish to repeat. Sorry Green People but this is a common feeling for most of your products I've tried now, which actually when I come to think of it had a similar squeaky clean feel about them. Just because it squeaks clean doesn't mean it's good. Someone have a word. 

Have any of you ever tried natural toothpaste? Way back, when I stayed at someone's house they had one that was bright pink, looked like Germolene, and tasted how I would imagine Germolene would taste, not that anyone should go round doing that as I think it's probably not that good for you...

In summary, natural toothpaste, not a winner. 

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