Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fashion flux

When I worked in libraryland I had a kind of uniform. I don't mean an actual uniform, with a dodgy cap and American Tan style tights, but a little selection of outfits I would wear each day. I had a style that epitomised smart casual, I wore lots of skirts and jumpers and little pumps and had a look that was definitely my own. Fast forward to student life and it's been so easy to slip into the jeans and Converse look, with some teeny mini skirts thrown in for good measure - Yes I defy that rule! That rule I read one time that said people over the age of 24 shouldn't wear short skirts, I say stuff and nonsense and long reign short skirts, ridiculous rule! However I deviate from topic. The end of the course is fast approaching and I'm in a bit of a fashion flux. 

Where do I go from here? I don't know where I will be working or what the dress code might be, they might even have a uniform (please please no uniform!) And this is affecting my buying clothes now. Well that and the lack of money being a skinty skint student. Take today for example. I have money, actual paper money to spend that I got for my birthday. I wandered around, I tried things on, the type of things I normally buy, but none of it was quite right. It's hard to put my finger on it but it all just felt wrong. What is happening here. Am I... *deep breath* ...growing up?! OMG the horror! Will you soon find me in the beige aisle, seeking out skirts that fall just past the knee and a pair of sensible shoes to go with that?! No no no. What is a girl to do? 

How should I manage this transitional phase? I know I will soon need to buy a suit. Like a proper one that matches and everything. And smarter clothes could well be needed. How does this work? How do I stay me if I can't wear funky tights and a mismatched blouse? I think I'm not just in a fashion flux, I'm in a where is my life going to take me flux! I'm blaming all these people who wince a bit and look worried when I tell them that I don't entirely have a plan yet. I was doing fine until the wincing and worrying. Send help. Soon. Please. 

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tizz said...

Don't give up your style! Maybe just adapt it to new job style. It all depends what you are doing too. You may need to be noticed so don't blend with the beiges, it's just not you. X