Monday, 8 July 2013

Working the links

Taking advice from several people I am currently creating a profile on that Linky thing. Now that I've moved on from the library and am getting experience that will help change my career I am slowly beginning to understand that these are the things I need to do to help me with the next phase. But boy am I struggling! 

Don't tell anyone, sshhh, but the thing is I don't really consider myself very professional. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a total idiot and when I'm in a work environment I get my head down and get on with the tasks. I'm very efficient and organised and courteous and I answer the phone politely and am generally a very good employee. But, and this is the problem, I'm a bit of a class clown. That mischievous person who is always giggling, that's me. Usually wearing something a bit on the clashing of colours or patterns side and possibly has shoes with holes in them. These are not things that make a professional person. A professional person has a suit that matches and possibly even shoes that match too. They probably have tidy hair and makeup that isn't smudged. See how I associate professional with groomed?

This new trying to be professional thing has me struggling. I've even tried to colour co-ordinate which doesn't sit very comfortably with me I have to say. And now I'm trying to think of things to write on my profile to present myself to the world and I'm having to resist very hard the urge to be the class clown. Will I ever become professional? I'd like to think that I will. One day. I wonder if the circus are hiring...?

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