Monday, 22 July 2013

Strawberry fields forever...

With all the lovely warm weather we have been enjoying I have felt inspired to try so many new drinks to truly refresh and quench the thirst. My first discovery was Spiced Ice Tea which was yum-diddly-scrumptious, and was popular among the guests that day. Today I had an iced coffee made for me that was deeeelicious, it tasted a bit like a coffee flavoured milkshake which probably sounds rank to a lot of people but it really hit the spot. My most favourite discovery though is flavoured water. I read on a couple of blogs how people essentially just filled a container with water and then added whatever they felt like to change the flavour. Ha-ha thought I, easy peasy. 

First up was ginger and mint. I was a bit disappointed in this as you could taste the mint but no hint of the ginger. Next experiment. Lemon wedges. Nice but I've had that before so nothing exciting. Tonight it's strawberries left overnight to infuse the water. Who knew that something so simple could be oh so tasty? And the container looks so pretty in the fridge. Oh oh, girlie alert! 

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