Thursday, 21 February 2013

Oil and rhinestones and things that go bump in the night

I've been spending some quality time sat in front of the tv this week. These are just three shows that I am loving without any shame whatsoever! 

Yep it's trashy and everyone has had some serious plastic surgery done but I really don't care, I love it! They're all so vicious and evil and backstabbing and that's just the first five minutes. Every week there's oil sagas, children sagas, girl vs boy sagas, which girl is hotter sagas, basically it's one big saga with some cowboy hats and horses thrown in for good measure! When I was a wee Dizz my ma used to religiously watch Dallas (the original version) every single week. She would have a friend round to watch it together and they would drink Lambrusco (oh yes they knew how to live back then...) and then my pops would come home from wherever he'd been with fish and chips for them and they'd stay up eating and drinking late into the evening. In some weird way I get complete comfort from watching Dallas. It's like being that wee Dizz again and watching the grown ups from the stairs. 

If you can get past the country music (I basically close my ears) this is well worth a watch. I've only seen two episodes so far but in a similar vein to Dallas there's lots of bitching and backstabbing happening, older established star versus up and coming princess...or is she? There's definitely something dark and dreary lurking in the background that you just know will come out soon and effect her future career. Will old and jaded star's guitarist change camps to the up and coming tootsie? Will the newly discovered blondie sack her washout of a boyfriend and take up with the cowboy hat, fringe wearing cutie? So much to look forward to! And in all seriousness, this was written by Callie Khouri who wrote Thelma and Louise so it has good credentials... 

666 Park Avenue
I'm not normally one for creepy stuff and I'm glad I recorded this and watched it in the cold light of day cos ooooh it was creepy and a smidge alarming. Freaky lifts that trap people in their banging doors (that's me taking the stairs if I'm ever in an old building in NYC), walls that bulge and moan and open up with loud white flashing and slurp people up, dirty feet even though it was supposedly all a dream - eek! Tizz is also watching this so we can compare how frightened we are as the series progresses. 

I think these might qualify as "guilty pleasure" tv programmes but in the same way that I occasionally enjoy potato waffles with baked beans and a fried egg on the top (so dirty but, I shall lap up my trash tv and love it so.

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