Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I think it was Friday afternoon at about half past three that my new life actually hit me. I had one email in my inbox, my homespace was completely cleared, and I was essentially staring at a blank computer screen literally counting down the minutes until 4pm when I could leave the building for the last time as an employee. I remember texting Fizz with how many minutes I had left and getting a comforting LOL back. Shortly after the first sip of an ice cold Corona sat round a table with my friends was just the beginning of a very lovely evening, low key, laughing and talking about nothing in particular, it was just what was needed.

When Monday rolled around I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Sure enough, sat eating my breakfast and realising that I was no longer an employee of anywhere felt very strange indeed. It's hard to put into words really as it's a combination of so many emotions, none of them bad I hasten to add, just different. 

In truth I've been a bit of a busy bee. Determined not to fall into the instant student mode of sleeping late and dossing about (no matter how tempting that might be) I've been up and about from about half 7. Yes I've started each day with some tv but I don't think I'm alone in that. I've washed, cleaned, ironed, tidied up a storm. It's amazing how much you can achieve around the house when you're not at work. All those little jobs that you never seem to have time to do, just scratching the surface of keeping the place presentable to visitors...but I tell you what, it is deadly boring. I don't mean anything horrible in what I say but I genuinely don't know how people do the stay at home thing all the time. I would be demented!

I think the biggest thing to adjust to is the lack of people. I've not been a hermit, I've been out and about in the village, buying things, collecting things, answering the door to various delivery people (definitely a bonus, no huge queue across the carpark of the post office - whoop!) but it's not the same as just being able to strike up a conversation across a desk. You might have guessed somewhat by the very nature of a blog but I'm a chatty person. I love to chit the chat. And I can get on with work and still do that chat thing. Not constantly but you know, every now and then. I've been desperate for Wavey to get home each night so that I can start chatting about what he's done, what I've done, yay to the chatting! 

Tomorrow is the first day of my official student life. I have two days of inductions before finding out my timetable and what the next year or so holds. Definitely excited. Also nervous. But oh so ready.

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