Friday, 28 December 2012

The house of ill

It started about 2 weeks ago when we looked after three ratbaggy kids who all had snotty noses and cough cough cough coughs. A couple of days after that Wavey started with a cough. This in itself must make this cold virus some kind of kickass muthafooker as the man is never ill. Trust me, if he is ill it literally lasts for about 20 minutes and then he's all ok I'm feeling fine now, let's jump about and be all healthy and well. But not this time. Oh no. By Christmas Eve he was kind of a weird grey colour and I had to pack him off to bed. Of course, selfishly, we all got a bit worried about our Christmas lunch and was it going to happen and would Wavey be okay? The man valiantly soldiered on and despite having a sore throat to make his normal deep voice on the point of gravelly no return, we made it up to my parentals for our Christmas nosh. And delightful it was too. Boxing Day we always had plans to hole up, watch heaps of tv to make our eyes square, and eat chocolate until we were sick, but that wasn't the plan for the rest of our holiday. 

Yesterday I woke up with the most evil cough ever. It goes a bit like this now, me: cough cough cough cough, him: cough cough cough sniffle. It's like some weird echo in the house of ill. Today's high point came when I put on some washing and Wavey attempted to iron about three things and we were both so exhausted and a little bit lightheaded that we had to sit down. What is this evil thing? Were those three little bright eyed rattybags really the carriers of such doom? Was it when I went to the house of bronchitis to visit an ailing friend and brought it back with me? Who can know? What we do know is that we're bored now, pretty fed up and would like to feel better please. 

There is one positive side to all this though. As we're both ill, we both look like shit and can huddle on the sofa feeling sorry for ourselves as well as each other. Happy coughing Christmas. Cheers mystery bug bearer, we're so appreciative you shared! Pass us a tissue someone...

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