Friday, 21 December 2012

12 days of Christmas...ok 11 then

1. On the first day of Christmas I have to make amaretti cupcakes and go to two's a hard life
2. On the second day of Christmas I will be mainly sleeping
3. On the third day of Christmas we will be wrapping heaps of presents, playing Christmas songs all day long, and enjoying a merry tipple or two
4. On the fourth day of Christmas we will be eating too much, merrily drinking too much, and seeing if Santa has decided if we've been naughty or nice
5. On the fifth day of Christmas I reckon a bit more sleeping will do the job
6. And more sleeping...
7. And a bit more sleeping...
8. Oh and maybe some more sleeping...
9. By day 9 Tizz is home and Christmas take two can begin!
10. Decorating Christmas cakes (oh it will be mighty fine!), cooking a whale that is supposed to be a salmon, some more merry tipples, lots of laughs with friends and loved ones
11. Definitely some more sleeping to recover from day 10

Sadly it's back to work on day 12 but before that there's a whole 11 days of fun fun fun! Merry merry and a happy holidays to you all.


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