Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shake rattle and roll

And so the illness continues for us both. In a desperate attempt to have done with it once and for all we're trying everything we can possibly think of. Started off with the usual dosing up on paracetamol and ibuprofen, some "man" medicine for Wavey and some horrible brown stuff for me, but it frankly doesn't seem to be touching the sides of this thing. Yesterday we tried eating a whole box of mint Matchmakers - well they do say to feed a cold...when that didn't work we cracked open the whiskey: single malt for Wavey and some not so good stuff topped up with lemonade for me. Two glasses later and things were starting to look a little rosier though I'm not sure it made any real improvement healthwise. Laying down and cough cough coughing I knew I had a tub of Vicks menthol somewhere. So it was kind of out of date, just put more on though right? A few good rubs later and I had at least stopped coughing. We're bored. We're grumpy. We're even a wee bit miserable now. Does this thing ever go away?!

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