Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week of aims

I decided on Sunday after a spectacularly bad week of eating crap and being late-ish for work that there had to be improvement. I began the week with a few small aims, best to keep them real and achievable otherwise there's just no point. In no particular order here are my aims and a brief description of progress so far, almost halfway through the week:

1. Drag my sorry ass out of bed before 7am and get to work by at least 8.30 every day. Progress: started off the week well, today only 15 minutes behind arriving at a quarter to nine, aim to do better tomorrow
2. Eat much better. Progress: taken my own lunch each day, only eaten what I have taken with me, turned down cake twice (!!), so far so okay
3. Exercise! Progress: a brisk 15 minute walk each morning from my park and "walk" carpark, downloaded an app to do daily yoga, yet to begin said daily yoga, aim to begin yoga in the morning but this will only work if aim #1 is achieved...
4. Wear a pretty dress for work every single day. Progress: Success! Yesterday I was all casual and floral, today also floral but with some va-va-voom ruffles, both accompanied by most favourite new black "slipper" shoes with gold studs (bling, tough, happenin') 

What can I say, clearly I excel in style aims and in all others I border on failure possibly leading to epic failure, only Friday will reveal all...

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