Sunday, 7 October 2012

Domestic bliss

There was a time, not that many years ago, where I would literally sleep the whole weekend away. I thought nothing of sleeping in until 11am, lounging around catching up on tv, reading books, drinking cups of tea; I would get dressed sometime after lunch and then repeat the above until it was time to go back to bed. I even did this when I had my own house to take care of, so basically I was lazy and didn't dig housework. That hasn't changed, I still firmly believe that dusting is the biggest waste of time ever and Wavey is a champion at the hoovering (though don't tell him I said that will you, sshhh...) however something has changed. 

Most weeekends now I wake up between 9 and half past and after the compulsory breakfast in bed that begins both the weekend days, we are generally up and about by half 10. That probably seems really late to most people but for me it's like mega early. And I no longer lounge around wasting the time, I'm busy doing loads of housey stuff be it boring housework or more fun stuff like weekend baking and cooking. The hours fly by and by the end of the day I feel like I've achieved so much. The funny thing is that none of this feels like chores. There's actual pleasure taken in all this buzzy activity. 

Take today for example, up and about by half 10 I headed straight down to the bottom of the garden to finish clearing the veggie patches that I started yesterday. Wavey surprised me with a cuppa and we sat on the bench in the sunshine and talked strategy for next years crops. Now I'm in the kitchen creating something that was supposed to be carrot and coriander soup but has somehow ended up with cumin seeds, some swede, and some red lentils in there too...I never can resist messing. Oh and I'm roasting beetroots that I dug up yesterday. I'm also reading a recipe for chocolate and beet cake, deciding how many apples to use in my apple sponge pud later, and typing this blog post! Multi-tasking-tastic! 

Is this some kind of age thing? Do you hit 35 and realise that lounging around and wasting time just ain't all that? I still love a bit of a lounge but it's usually only for an hour maximum. Maybe aliens have come down and kidnapped the old Dizz and replaced her with this other variety? While I ponder over that I shall just get back to my kitchen tasks...

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