Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bramley apple spongey pud

It was a double whammy of yummy creations in the kitchen today. Here's my next recipe of the day:

2 oz butter
2 oz caster sugar
1 egg
2 oz self raising flour
Splash of vanilla essence
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1 bramley apple, peeled, cored, grated
Handful of almond pieces / slices

Cream the butter, sugar and egg until a nice fluffy mixture. Add a splash of vanilla essence and stir gently. Grate the apple directly into the mixture adding a small amount of flour with each chunk you grate. Once the apple is grated, add in all the flour, the teaspoon of cinnamon, and the almond pieces and stir to a yummy mixture. Measure into individual dishes that can be used in the microwave. When you're ready to have pud, heat the puds for 4 mins in the microwave, leave to cool slightly before tipping upside down into a bowl and serve with custard. Deelish and a thumbs up from Wavey!

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