Sunday, 26 August 2012

Get lost!

How is it possible to get lost in your own town? Yesterday I found out that there are some parts of my town that I know absolutely nothing of, and I can take wrong turnings and drive up and down random streets and I'll never find them. Mainly because I don't have a map book in the car, or a satnav, helpful. I was doing ok on the first part of the journey and if I'd have gone with my instincts I would have been even more okay. Instead I carried straight on and ended up in places that neither me nor Zippy were particularly happy about and how fast can I turn the car around and get the hell out of here before someone tries to steal my tyres whilst I'm driving type places. Eep and double eep for good measure. Almost reaching my destination I pulled off into some swanky residential only parking area, hoped that no-one called the po-pos on me and rang the place to find that I was literally within a stone's throw of the front door - doh! Quick turn around, quick park up, quick trot across the big road and not get run over and I was there. 

Where was I going you ask? Oh I was only going to get pampered. Yep, pampered pooches can get lost too, big style lost it would seem. But it was worth it for the hour and a half of lovely relaxing back massage followed by lush facial and possible falling asleep on the massage bed. Heehee. 

I suspect more getting lost in order to get pampered will take place. This is what happens when Groupon have many tempting offers of pampering-ness for bargain prices that it would seem I just cannot resist. It could be worse, I could be addicted to crack cocaine and that would probably mean getting lost in a whole other manner...although possibly in the area where I did get lost so I'd just have to find it again...or maybe not. Stick to the pampering, pooch. Much safer. 

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