Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bonnes vacances!

It seems like a hundred years ago since we booked it, and I'm sure at least a thousand years have passed while I've been counting down the days, but it's finally here. Tomorrow we go on holiday! Wooooooop doesn't even really begin to cover how excited I am! 

This year has been crazy in so many ways, lots of good but also lots of bad and rubbish and horrible things that have thrown me for a loop and left me feeling really quite drained. Work has been rubbish, we've been stuck in small rooms that have gradually become more and more oppressive - often I have found myself with shoulders hunched trying to make my head shrink into my body so that I wouldn't have to listen to any more of the incessant noise and that doesn't even include the noise the workmen have been making. In all, I can truly say, that I have never felt like I need a holiday more than this one. And I speak for Wavey when I say the same. He's been travelling much more than we anticipated, his work has been stressful, longer hours, hotel rooms...all in all, we need us a holiday! 

Normally I'd be planning here there and everywhere and this is what I want to see and this is where I want to go. Instead this year I have plans to get out of bed, head to the outside terrace and plonk my arse there until I feel like I might be able to move. If my arse isn't plonked on the terrace it'll be plonked by the pool. Or by the river. Or somewhere eating and drinking tasty food and wine. Summing up? Total relaxation is on the cards. 

Tomorrow - London.

Saturday - France. 

For 2 weeks - arse plonked.

Can't say better than that. Au revoir my friends. 

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