Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Her Maj...Mummy

Wherever you're reading from you would have been hard pushed to not know that this was a very big weekend for Queenie Liz. I wasn't sure how much I would be involved with all the celebrations, we had no street party to attend, no-one was having a bbq, the best I did was probably drive my parentals to a Jubilee bbq - does that count? But I found myself drawn into all the live coverage on the tv and will admit, without any shame whatsoever, that I have totally loved it! 

There's been heaps of pomp and circumstance and flashy displays with horses and carriages and famous planes flying over balconies, cheesy concerts with some pretty rubbish performances (Paul McCartney, you might be a Sir but seriously you really cannot sing for s*%t), regal looking gowns and themed outfits and amazing hats to ooh and ahh over, shiny hair of every colour, handbags to admire, and general wonderment at how the blimmin' heck Princess Kate stays so damned poised the whole time - have you noticed? The woman never fidgets! That would take some serious time to learn on my behalf if I were to ever, you know, become a princess (with this hair?! Doubtful...) Whole oceans of union jack flags flying and being waved, beacons being lit...it's been pretty immense! Spending 60 years at one job is something to be admired these days, doesn't happen to many people. 

Watching people surging down The Mall towards the gates of Buckingham Palace, totally ordered, no-one was pushing and shoving, a few people ran ahead but nobody really minded that too much (or at least the BBC didn't show any fights that may have broken out...) was an amazing sight from the tv. It must have been totally overwhelming for the Royals to step out on the balcony and see the ocean of people and flags and cheering and chanting. 

Say what you like about it all, feel free to tell me what a total waste of money it all was, I don't care. I shall let all your comments sail straight over my head. I think it showed a lot of things, I don't subscribe to any of this nonsense about it making Great Britain great as that's just all a bit icky. But it did show that we know how to put on a bloody great party. 

And 4 day weekends rock. 

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