Saturday, 23 June 2012

All in the best possible taste

We're still not entirely sure how this happened but we have become members of a chocolate tasting club. Well I say we, it all arrives in Wavey's name so clearly he's just randomly agreed to this exclusive membership. I'd like to say it's awful but oh I can't. The chocolate tasting club is in association with Hotel Chocolat and they are some of the most divine and delicious chocolates I have ever eaten. 

It all started at Christmas when this massive box of chocolates arrived. Oooh yummy, they'll be really nice to open on Christmas day and enjoy with the parentals. Then another box arrived! When we phoned them to say this they told us to keep both boxes. Damn, hardship or what?! Another box arrived a few weeks ago and we pretended that we were going to get to the bottom of this, we wouldn't open it, we'd leave it in the cardboard postal box so that we can send them back...which would totally have been the plan except we opened them today. How did that happen? Who opened them? Oh we did...

We started at number 1. Drool. Then went to the final one in the box. Double drool. I think as part of the club we're supposed to mark them out of 10 but let's face it, they'd all get 10 in my book so we're not entirely objective. I don't know how many more of these yummy boxes of chocolates we'll get, or indeed if they are costing Wavey anything cos they surely can't give away such totally gorgeous tasting chocolates. Can they? Is this how it works? They tempt you in with all their gloriousness and then bam! You suddenly get an invoice for one year worth of chocolate all in one go? Eeep! Even if that does happen though, it will be totally worth it as they are the yummiest of all the yummies in the whole wide world. 

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