Monday, 27 February 2012

Year of the Arse

Forget all these Year of the [insert animal here], today we officially named 2012 the Year of the Arse. I know it's early days to be saying such things about the year, but considering we're only 2 months in, so far it's been pretty shoddy. And it's not just my little corner of the world, everytime you run into someone in town it's almost like some cheap competition to see who can out-do each other with all the crap that is going on. I don't understand. From the beginning it looked like it was going to be okay but at the moment it's an almost daily grind of rubbishness. 

Take my little corner of the world, for example. So far this year we've had two parents in hospital, one parent with the Bells Palsy virus that is fiercely mean, one person bumping up into the back of our car on a fast road (all are thankfully okay, the car not so much), various parts of houses are falling down or falling off, work is utterly rubbish, Wavey has been away practically every week leaving me to battle against the world all on my lonesome...I could go on but then we might all want to shoot ourselves and where's the good in that?! I seriously would like to say that other people are having a fine and dandy old time of it but it just doesn't seem to be the case *sad sad face*

If you're out there, share your cheer! Tell us about your fabulous times as we sho' would like to hear some nice news. Hello...? Anyone...? Nope thought not. Year of the Arse. Tis official. 

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Librarian Girl said...

Late to the commenting as usual, but I'm sorry 2012 is not treating you right! I hope you kick the Year of the Arse in the arse.