Saturday, 18 February 2012

Things what I learned today

  1. Painting outside when it's really really cold makes me really really grumpy
  2. Buying cheap paint ain't all that when you open the tub and it's like coloured water
  3. Glossing is a bit tricky upside down, especially when the gloss drips down the brush onto your hand and trickles down your arm
  4. Doing DIY jobs without my radio is wrong. Just wrong. Very wrong. Plain wrong
  5. I LOVE my car. Like big love
  6. Buying meat from a real proper butcher who is ruddy cheeked and smiley is so much better than supermarket bleached, puffed up cack
  7. All of my tights must be thinking it's Spring and that soon they will be redundant as they are getting baggy and saggy and crotch round the knees is not a good sight, nor is it hugely comfortable for walking
  8. Robins are feisty little birds! Especially if one of 'em thinks it's his garden and that the other one should stay out. BIRD FIGHT!
  9. Eating a huge salad for tea is actually really yummy...
  10. it allows you to follow it with a big chunk of Christmas cake
  11. We heart Kitty, Daisy and Lewis heaps. Der dum dum dum dum...
  12. Big hoop ear-rings are a bit of a hazard
  13. We are physically incapable of keeping our cream carpet clean. So far this week: oil from the petrol station, mud from the garden, and possibly coal dust or some alien black seapage from somewhere
  14. Persuading Wavey that wooden floors may be the most practical solution to our cream carpet problem - not that tough as it turns out (yay!)
  15. Leading on from above, we both like really really expensive wooden floors....

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