Sunday, 14 November 2010

A list to Santa

It gets harder when people ask what you want for Christmas as you get older, cos I tend to pretty much buy what I want when I want it. My mam has been asking me for ages and in the end I just blurted out that I would like some Soap and Glory goodies as they are my most favourite and they smell really lovely and really, anything that makes you smell like a blueberry muffin is never a bad thing...then we added something else to the list last week, Mad Men series 3. We've only just started watching it but we're already completely and utterly hooked. It's just so damn glamorous! But often we do sharp intake of breaths at the 1960s attitudes, woman get in the kitchen and make my tea - harsh! I also think that Joan must be wearing some kind of major Spanx type knickers, cos who looks like that?!

Anyhoo, when it came to making the Santa list to Wavey, there is only one thing that I am absolutely certain that I want: a red wheelbarrow. I can already see me trundling up and down the garden with my shiny red wheelbarrow, heaps of muck and gravel and other garden type things that you use a wheelbarrow for. Of course, the first thing I will want to use it for is to sit in it whilst Wavey pushes me around the garden.

Wavey has asked me for a greenhouse heater. Even drew a diagram of the kind that he wants. Internally eeek-ing and thinking sheeeit where am I going to get that from, I am now after a little internetty search, confident that such a thing is possible. Yay! But sssshh don't tell him :)

And we think that we might buy a coffee machine together, for each other. So on Christmas Day, if we've been really good boys and girls, and Santa has seen this in his good girl/boy snow globe, what will be occurring in our house is 2 people high from too much caffeine shrieking up and down the garden in a wheelbarrow, and enjoying our Christmas lunch from inside the greenhouse cos it will be cosy and toasty warm...

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