Friday, 6 August 2010

Heart versus head

For the past few months I've been a super good girl and reduced my spending rather a lot. I had a lot of expensive things to plan for, getting my house sorted for renting particularly, so I tried to do my best and not spend every single penny of my salary on clothes and shoes and other frivolous items that I enjoy. In fact I made a pact (only to myself admittedly but I'm very strong willed so lived by it really easily) that I wouldn't buy any more shoes. And I love shoes. A big lot of love. But I have lots of pairs already, and even though I really like having new pairs and give them the love they deserve, they weren't really a necessity. It's not even like I've had to consciously avoid shoe shops or anything. I've still mooched around and enjoyed looking, but I've happily worn all the pairs that I already had, rediscovering a couple of funky pairs along the way.

Until today.

When I came across...a fabulous pair of shoes which I linked up all nicely except the blummin' website won't let me demonstrate their loveliness. Booo! So instead I'll suggest that if you want to view them head here and click on Shoes - heels - and look at Jonah Lace court shoes, phew!

Not at all my usual style but I'm drawn to them. And when I say drawn I really mean drooling over them. I must have looked at the picture of them about 6 times and it's only 2.30 in the afternoon.

And so I find myself with a dilemma. Do I listen to my drooling heart? Or do I listen to my very sensible head which is saying you don't need them. Tricky. Especially as my rule was against paying full price for stuff and I happen to know that TopShop are currently offering discount of 15% for those of us who are lucky enough to have a student card, therefore they wouldn't actually be full price, they'd be discounted, hmmmm.

To shoe or not to shoe, that is truly the question of this Friday afternoon...

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Librarian Girl said...

You are so barking up the wrong tree asking me this question, so I shall keep my trap shut.

Do you have a pair of shoes in good shape that you can sell or donate? I have a strict in-with-one, then out-with-one rule which can assuage some guilt pretty well.