Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Absorbing like a sponge

It's been a busy old week this past one, not only with the usual madness but very consumption heavy. Wavey and I have been to the cinema twice in 4 days! This almost never happens but we seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment.

First up was Greenberg. Not at all sure what to expect from this we headed off to our local indie cinema, safe in the knowledge that if nothing else we could enjoy a sup of alcohol whilst watching. Even though it was very weird, it was really a rather fine film. Ben Stiller was excellent, even though his character was utterly awful. And I had previously read an article about Greta Gerwig which intrigued me muchly; all in all, a lot of expectation was riding on it for me. I will say however, that Ben Stiller (well his character) needs to learn some etiquette as to how one approaches naughties, cos if someone did that to me - freak out city! Cripes!

Next up was Disappearance of Alice Creed. The trailer for this was pretty spooky so I was surprised Wavey agreed to come with me. It was made even more delicious as we skived off theatre for yet another week (4 weeks and counting - heee naughty!) and headed back to indie cinema heaven. Again another weird film but so worth it. It was one of those films that gets your heart racing in the anxious moments, I might even have gripped Wavey's arm a couple of times, and I definitely jumped when the gun went off (oops spoiler moment there, sorry). Several twisty turny ooh I so wasn't expecting that to happen moments later it was over. Yay to films!

And on Saturday I'm going to see Eclipse with Fizz. I'm not expecting too much from this as the other 2 have been utter rubbish, yet still I find myself paying my money and going back for more. Glutton for punishment anyone? I can't help it. I loved the books, I'm waiting for one of the films to redeem itself. And I'm dying to know how they're going to make a film of the last book! How? How are they going to re-create the freaky child vampire (ooops more spoiler alerts, again with the sor-ry!)

Books this week was down from the usual 2 to just 1. Even though it was a really short book I struggled with it:

All would have been well if they hadn't labelled some of the chapters "Lessons". I haven't been near any lessons since school and I'm really not very keen on being told what to do or what to think. And I don't want to make this all heavy or anything but I'm not even sure that I believe in heaven...which might kind of beg the question why did I even pick this up. Well, T passed it to me and I normally enjoy the books she reads, we have similar taste, but on this one I think my only real comment (you mean apart from all the other ones you've made up there Dizz!) would be: hmmmmm.

The ipod has been throwing out some fine choons on its latest adventure in shuffling. As an aside, does anyone really know how the shuffle thing works? Personally I'm convinced it's magic as it seems to match my every mood -how does it do that?! Freaks me out sometimes...anyhoo, total diversion there from original point. Which was fine choons. Lots of them. Particularly rediscovering such lovelies as The Magic Numbers, and Placebo, and a bit of Ladyhawke for good measure. Happy bus journey=happy start to day.

Enough consumption there? I think that's quite a lot for a week but I do like a bit of immersing into the old cultural variety. I shall sign off now to go and absorb some emails. Rock'n'roll. Laters lovelies :O)

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