Thursday, 18 February 2010

What I wore day 1

Ok so for ages I've been reading various blogs about what exciting outfits people put together daily. They're fun and colourful and always inventive and oh so inspiring to one such as me who loves the fashion, especially if it's loud, bright, short, funky and fun. Today it suddenly occurred to me - I could so steal that idea! So for exactly one week, Thursday to Thursday, I'm going to have a daily post of my outfit(s) of the day. I'll give you a rundown of where the various items are from and if I've had any extra special inspiration that day. As always, I'd love the comments to come but if you can only make one comment, save it for next Thursday where I'd like you all to vote for which outfit is your favourite and why. So we're all on board? Excellent. Then I shall begin.

Day 1

From the top down, today's ensemble sees me in black polo top by Old Navy, graphic dress from Charity Shop, your staple opaque tights from M&S, and black leather biker boots from Clarks. Accessories are at a minimum today as I let the dress do the talking, but I have in my ears my beloved birthday emerald and diamonds from Wavey.

Hope you enjoy the week as much as I will!

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