Sunday, 7 February 2010


Recently myself and my crewmate M. have been doing school visits to talk to children aged between 4 and 10. We do an hour session and talk to them about who we are, what we do, how and when to call us etc. We get them up doing some activities and generally have a bit of fun. (We are paramedics in case anyone was wondering!)

I was nervous before the first session but the actual teaching and activity parts are fine and I feel quite happy standing up in front of sixty children going through the lesson, no, the scary bit comes at the end where we let them ask any questions they have...

Quite a few of the questions are more statements "When I/my Mum/ my Grandad did this we had to call an ambulance...."

Others are surprisingly intelligent and thoughtful though I don't know where they've come from "Are you allowed to go on strike?" (Actually legally we are but I can't see it ever happening again (it did in 1984?))

Some are expected but difficult to answer "What's the goriest thing you've ever seen?". Actually M. sidestepped this one very well stating delivering babies as its slimy and messy (he doesn't like the mess but he does like the babies).

Finally though the one question that kind of stumped us both was "What's your most heroic rescue?" well, erm... that's really difficult to answer. I don't think the majority of things we do at work or outside can really be deemed heroic. So my question is, what's the most heroic thing you've ever done? (It might help me with my next session!)



dizz said...

Not sure if it's heroic but I first aid-ed the lovely Norman last night when he decided to first of all bounce his head off the nearest set of seats, and then fall very hard onto a plug and put his hand through it - eeek! I managed to convince him that he needed to go to the hospital when I was pretty sure I could see bone the hole was so deep, ouch! I think you'd have been very proud of me Tizz. I first aid-ed good!

Librarian Girl said...

I think people that do work that directly serves the public are doing heroic things all the time, but are so used to it that they don't think of it as heroic anymore. Delivering a baby safely? To that family you are sooo heroic!

I see my colleagues do heroic things all the time, but I do have to remind myself about how heroic it is.