Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 7 - approaching the end

Dressed pretty much head to toe by Peacocks today - it might be just be one of my favourite shops. Cardigan, dress, leggings by Peacocks. Sparkly ear-rings from bridesmaid duties a few years ago. Blue butterfly necklace, I rather charmingly found out today belonged to my gran who died a long long time ago and she loved it muchly too. Most favouritest boots of this winter by a loooong way by Barratts. In the sale so a tenner off them too!

And I'm almost certain you're going to love them as much as I do so here's a close up! Oh I heart them so!

Had a most lovely afternoon on my first ever flexi in 9 years! Met my mam for lunch then we mooched round the shops, picked up a few things, stopped along the way for cake and coffee (toffee crunch cheesecake, oh most yummy!), came back to Norton and mooched round the charidee shops where I managed to pick up 2 books and 2 glass mugs for our Moroccan tea for 2 quid, and 3 gorgeous items, one of which will surely have to have its own special feature day cos it is so incredibly bright and fantastic! I'm looking forward to wearing it!

2 days off work now to prepare my former house for rental glory. Wish us luck with the painting marathon! Final pic tomorrow, I'm sure you'll all be in agreement that my painting clothes will win the outfit of the week!

Nite nite x

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