Saturday, 4 July 2009

The whooshy week

I believe it would be fair to say that this has been an extremely busy week for me. But I'll let you make up your own minds as I blog about the events of each day.

The day itself was not really worth writing home about, a usual working Monday. But on the evening I was due to start my summer university course: Introduction to Painting. The course is for 4 weeks and it's free and it runs from 6-9pm. I'm not quite sure what I thought the first week would be but I certainly didn't expect to be sat down and told to paint what was in front of me, which was essentially 4 statue torsos, 3 of which were in boxes, there was another box with a jug sticking out of it, and all of this was on a yellow tablecloth. I haven't actually picked up a paintbrush in any kind of education type thing since I dropped art class at 14 in order to take Craft, Design and Technology where I could build stuff with wood. I was, it's safe to say, quite clueless. But I did my best. The man let us paint for an hour before he stopped us all and said that we'd basically done what he was expected which was draw with a paintbrush. He proceeded to shut all the blinds and switch on the lights to cast shadows and shapes on each torso and then told us to pick out the shapes we could see and paint them in block colours. By the time I'd finished my very first art piece looked like this:


Claire, age 3. Surprisingly, he told me it was a very "interesting" painting and compared my work to both Matisse and Tanguy! I know it looks freaky but hey, it's not too shabby to be compared to Matisse!

The day of schmoozing. I had been given permission to go on a work event that was to be held in Leeds. This meant leaving work at 11.30 in order to get on the noon train to Leeds and reach the event by 2pm. Train was no problem. I know Leeds a bit from past shopping experiences so headed off to walk to the venue. I got lost. Not my fault I hasten to add, the directions were not correct. I stopped one lady in the street and asked her the name of the street, her answer was not very clear so I headed onwards. I saw a guy in a white shirt standing outside a bank, ha thinks Dizz, I'll ask him. What a brilliant choice. Turns out he was a bus driver. He got on the phone to his bus driver mate and asked him to wait for me, told him where I was going and where I needed dropping off! How bloody brilliant is that? I crossed over the road to my waiting bus and headed in the correct direction to the venue, what a lucky Dizz. The afternoon was kinda nice. I chatted to other librarians, found out that our libraryland is not at all far behind - in fact we're racing ahead - I drank wine, I ate cake, I schmoozed my ass off. All this was done whilst wilting in the extreme heat of Leeds. I was so glad to get on the train as it was icy cold with the air-con, oh happy days. I didn't return home to the Dizz house until 9pm, I was very sch-leepy by then!

Just a normal day, except I worked overtime til 7pm. That's 3 days totting up late nights...

The impending first library social event meant that Thursday was supermarket shopping. We had £50 to spend on things that would make up a buffet for 28 people. The experience was not as bad as I'd anticipated and we only went £4 over budget. Wahey! I got home at a very respectable 5.30 so headed off to Wavey's garden to enjoy the last of the sun...and fell asleep on the bench snuggling against Wavey. Woke up a few nappette moments later and headed back home to make some tasty dins before Fizz headed round to mine to view the artwork from Monday. We sat chatting and laughing until just after 9 when everyone left and a very tired Dizz went to bed at 9.30pm.

The day of the first library social event. I was leaving work at noon to head to J's house to make the buffet for 28. The rain was hammering down so hard at this point that the short walk from her car to the garage meant a drowned Dizz! I was literally dripping wet. Yikes! The next 3 hours flew by as I made 3 loaves of bread worth of sandwiches, managed to grate my knuckle into the cheese which wouldn't stop bleeding, heated up sausage rolls and quiches and sliced bread; all this in a relative stranger's kitchen. Most odd. Reached the venue by 4pm where we set up the food and awaited the peeps. Thankfully the event was a resounding success and I think everyone had fun. We'd made way too much food. And bought way too much booze, but that will keep for the next event. People played the games. People ate the food. People mixed in circles other than their usual. Can't ask for much more than that.

By 8pm J-bn and I were ready to explode with excitement as we were heading off to see The Fratellis at the Empire. Ooooh! We met up with Fizz and Wavey and went in to enjoy the band. And they were very very fine. They didn't stop, song after song after song, I bounced and danced and sang and woooo-ed until I was hoarse, a mighty fine show! By the time we got home I was actually asleep on my feet I think, I managed to drag myself to bed where I zonked out on the pillow until the alarm went off today...

...cos I'm working overtime at work today until 5pm. Then I'm heading out for dinner with D followed by The Hangover at the cinema. Phewee! Plans for Sunday? ZERO! Absolutely bupkiss. I intend to lay my ass down on either the sofa or the sun lounger (weather dependent) and chill the mutha out. What a week!

Oh, and during this oh so busy week, look what's happened to the peppers:


The chilli one is a bit blurred but you get the idea of the size:



If you've stayed reading this far, well done, a long post! So long my friends...

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