Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wellies and waterproofs

Greetings one and all. Tizz and I are off on our festival jaunt tomorrow. We're heading to Wakestock in Wales. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a festival of music and wakeboarding...still clueless? Yep, me too and I'm attending! But the wakeboarding thingie looks like it'll be great fun to watch. And the Red Arrows are opening the festival! And the army are going to be their with tanks! Which you can have a go in! Now THAT is cool!

I've got my wellies ready, which just happen to be black with multi-coloured spots all over them and furry inside, yay. And my festival hat to hide my festival hair. And my very long very old green waterproof which might be ugly but covers most of me which is definitely required at festivals. Especially as when I checked the 5 day forecast it's not looking so good. It's sunny today...when we're not there...but the rest of the week looks cloudy and a bit gloomy. But! Never fear! We will not let that stop us having a rockin' old time. Piccies will surely follow.

But spare a thought for poor Fizz whose suffering with a summer cold at the moment - get well soonest chickie! And Wavey who I'm leaving behind for 4 whole days (soppy moment alert) which is to be truthful a wee bit upsetting as we've only actually been apart 1 day since September...ahem, moving swiftly on...

So! Hope you all have a fabby weekend. And I'll blog about the festival upon our return. Who knows, Tizz might be able to do some live festival blogging from her very jazzy phone. If the battery doesn't die as soon as we get there. Ta-ta lovelies x

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Anonymous said...

Have fun - i hope your fringe doesn't go too curly...