Wednesday, 29 July 2009

How terribly English...

...but you know what? I don't care. I'm going to complain about the weather.

Way back in April, May time, the weather peeps began to lie to us. They promised us a glorious summer that would be barbecue-tastic and sun sun sun! And what have we had? Erm, a few odd days of sunshine and bucketfuls of rain! And it totally sucks. I love the sun. I do, I'm a total sun ho. I don't go golden brown or anything nice like that but I just love that feeling of the hot hot sun beating down on bare skin. I love wearing flipflops and pretty summer cotton skirts that are all colourful and flowery. And tiny strappy vest tops and tube tops. And hair all piled up to keep it off your hot neck...

Okay so admittedly I have still worn those things as it's been warm. Just not the sun sun sun we were promised. I've given up checking the 5 day forecast now as I'm sure the weather peeps just predict us heavy rain and that way, if we do have one day of sunshine, they can go, ha! Look! You have beautiful weather now so stop whining. But it's not good enough weather peeps! Dammit I WANT SUN!

If we were a true British institution there would be someone for us to complain to. Like an official in the sky who controls the sun. An actual person we could complain to in a ranting, out of control manner. But sadly there is only blogland for me to whinge and whine (sorry folks). And today we received news (yes it actually made the BBC news) that the August weather is going to continue to be unpredictable (in other words, wet and November-like) for the whole of the month. Frankly, it's utter shite. Yah-boo to the rubbishy rain!

Finally, in a totally random subject change, there was a man on my bus this morning carrying a bag of golf clubs in his arms and a guitar on his back. Is he going to serenade his fellow players at each hole? I was so incredibly fascinated by this odd mixture of baggage. Any thoughts anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Rain rain go away! I have just been listening to my dad moaning on about the weather too!! It is pig sickening!

As for the random bloke - a busking man who also makes money collecting golf balls and selling them back to the golf club!