Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Your mission should you choose to accept it... to invent a new squish round for Wavey and me. Currently we have:
  • play in the style of (Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, Miss Piggy etc.)
  • name the ball after your least favourite person of the week (Wavey's was The Ref last week) and smash the crap out of it
  • play with your left hand (surprisingly amusing and v. difficult)
This blog post will self-destruct, erm, never.


Anonymous said...

Playing squish backwards, although that may cause head injury.

Hopping on one foot.

Skip while you squish.


tizz said...

Surely that would be playing 'hsiuqs'???

wavey said...

I know that I once played in-the-style-of Rudolf Nureyev ... but skipping ??? That could seriously demage my reputation !

I dont understand how we'd manage 'hsiuqs' but I think hopping could be a winner

fizz said...

It wasn't Rudolph Nureyev, it was Dame Margot Fontein...