Sunday, 8 February 2009


It's official blog readers. We are shite. We need a certificate for shite we're so good at it. There are three of us for this blog and in the past month not one of us has posted anything. This is truly shocking. And unacceptable. I can't comment for Fizz and Tizz but I'm going to explain why I haven't.

It's simply a matter of time. Truly. I'm so busy. Here we go:

Monday: I finish work at 4.30pm. Rush to the bus station (8 minutes is my personal best) get home in time to eat a quick snack before rushing off to my thai class which starts at 6.30pm. I stay at thai until I'm done before heading round to Wavey's and making us our Monday Thai dinner. Around 10pm after we've watched some scary ITV crime drama I head home where I have a bath and go to bed in order to be ready for
Tuesday: I finish work at 5pm. Rush to the bus station, come home and get changed into theatre clothes before heading round to Wavey's for dinner. At 7.30pm(ish) we head out to theatre where for the next 3 hours we paint, build sets, sweep up etc. We stay to have a drink with the Tuesday crew before heading home for a repeat of the bath/bed
And then it's Wednesday. My one free night. Except that hasn't been the case for the past few weeks cos I've been out for dinner with my girlies. Or cinema with the girlies.
Thursday it's the usual 5pm, bus station clash before coming home and making my dinner and then heading out for my drum lesson at 8pm. This lasts for half an hour. I come home and show off my newly learned skills to my drum kit (also known as my armchair) and then it's bath/bed
Before it's Friday, the end of the week and I'm very shleepy.
Saturday mornings are for lazing around before a big brunch at about 12, then it's back up to the theatre again to continue with the sets until approx 6pm. Thus the weekend begins.

And there you have it peeps. No time! The odd bits that I do have free the last thing I want to do is get my laptop out and think of something witty to write.

Thus in the past month, you've had nothing about my trip to London with Wavey where we were total culture vultures and took in the Rothko exhibition, the Annie Liebovitz exhibition, the 4 hours in the National Gallery and the Babylon exhibition at the British Museum. As well as fitting in visits to my uni peeps with babies, various meals consumed in the open air despite it being January, and lots of fun.

Or my birthday when I had all the girlies round for a drunken afternoon with glowing pink balloons and DISGUSTING amounts of food and tequila slammers in the middle of the day, plus some classic 80s movies of Ghostbusters and Pretty in Pink.

Or the joy of the drum lessons. How after my 30 minutes are up I come out of there with a huge grin on my face cos I love it so.

Or the movies that I've watched.

Or the soft porn crime fiction fest.

Or just stuff in general.

So I apologise peeps. I humbly accept my certificate of shite. And promise to do better.

Over and out x

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