Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Oh baby!

I am, at this very moment, so freakin' excited I may explode. I have just bashed my credit card many many times over but this is the exciting agenda of gigs I have up and coming in the next few months:
*We Are Scientists
*The Ting Tings
*One Night Only
*Vampire Weekend (oh! my! word! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!)
*Kings of Leon (oh baby!)

How hugely exciting!!! I'm going to be busting around each gig, I truly am. Especially the Vampires. Cos I love them so much I would kiss their feet if they would let me. Their album is possibly one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to caress my ears with.

And then. The excitement doesn't end there. In my whole, must try new things vibe that I try to keep going at all times, I've just enrolled myself onto a Thai cookery course. Oh yes, can you imagine the banquets we will have? It's beyond exciting. Words cannot describe the excitement. Imagine me. Sat on the floor, laptop in lap. With the biggest widest grin you've ever seen me give and then you'll be close.

Oh baby! xx

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