Thursday, 24 July 2008


HUGE news on the Fizz front... I have put an offer in on a house! Eek! This is not the first time I will have owned my own property, I used to have a flat in London, but I hated it and it made me miserable. So it has taken me a looooong time to decide to take the plunge again. But I've made the decision, I've found a house I really like, and I'm going for it!

Dizz and Wavey went round with me last night and they both liked it - of course there are things that need doing - but I don't expect perfection. The yard is possibly the best bit, so here's a photo. It doesn't really do it justice - that big door on the left is to the metal shed which the sellers are taking with them.

I've put in an offer, and the sellers are apparently considering it. So please, keep all your fingers crossed!


cat said...

Wow, loads of outdoor space! Good luck x

tizz said...

Thats fantastic, very very excited!!!

Librarian Girl said...

Congratulations and good luck!