Monday, 7 July 2008

Did we miss the check box?

It's July. And all it's done for the past 2 days is rain. Solidly. I think someone, (I'm not sure who to assign blame to), but whoever it is forgot to register for the summer. What is the confusion?

I had planned on buying this:

But am thinking that this will be more appropriate:
Although I hasten to add it would not be pink. Cos me and that shade of pink are not good friends.

I think the weather had something to do with me falling out my front door yesterday. Well, that and the fact that I have hardly any sole left on my trainers, as one minute I was upright and the next I was on the deck. As you well know from previous blog posts I'm not exactly a stranger to falling down but this was just stupid! I felt like such a big eejit. As I live in a street house, anyone looking out of their window would have seen the stupid fall. And me hobbling away looking all pitiful. I thought that all was well but as today has advanced, my right ankle has got larger and it now has a large egg on it. Oh-oh. I'm not in pain right now so I'm assuming that's a good sign...but it may be a visit to the docs if it doesn't go down tomorrow as I may have caused inside damage. Join me in saying, what a silly fool Dizz.

What a crackin' weekend though. Oh it was heavenly to have nothing booked. Not a sausage. This is so rare these busy days. The highlight was definitely the very last ep of this series of Dr Who. OH! It was beyond good. I won't give too much away in case anyone hasn't seen it yet but I did well at the end (yes I'm a wuss, we know that) and it was extra fun cos Fizz and Wavey came round to watch it and we ate pizza and garlic bread and salad whilst we watched. I was so engrossed I forgot to put my fork down on my plate when I was done.

And yesterday I beasted through my ironing in under an hour. Maybe it was just base camp of Mount Everest this time rather than the actual mountain itself? I watched World Trade Center in the evening and oh that was sad too, mucho lip wobbling going on.

And that my friends is it. Today I've been 4 people all at once cos I had so much to do. And I'm working overtime til 7pm! Can't wait to get home, am very tired.

Ta-ta x


Librarian Girl said...

If you have got to rock a raincoat in July, then at least stand there like the model in the photo. ATTITUDE is everything.

Marion said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!
Cute, different and definatley a head turner.I am very jealous. Do not ponder on this too long as some one may come along and steel your idea!!! Remember Peru!! ;)