Monday, 23 June 2008

Lost to the small people/I love musicals

This weekend didn't happen. Well I don't mean that it was kidnapped or anything, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday still happened, just not for me. The small people are to blame. The small people are 6 (nephew) and 4 (neice). They arrived on Friday evening at 6pm and bedlam ensued from that point onwards.

First up was the dinner. Then we had to play out. As soon as dinner was finished. No letting the dinner settle. I managed to gulp down a cuppa before I was out in the garden in Auntie Dizz mode. This basically means acting like a complete fool, making the small people laugh lots and getting away with acting like a kid, yippeee! So we played football. Apparently I'm an "excellent goal keeper" (the 6 year old). Oh and I've got "fat boobies" (the 4 year old) ever tried to explain to a 4 year old that they're supposed to be that way? It's tricky. Then we had to draw. This has recently taken on a new spin whereby 6 gives me something to copy and Auntie Dizz does her very best to make a reasonable image for him to colour in. This time it was a character from Ben 10, with big wings and swords and armour and leg and knee and elbow protectors...might file that under tricky too. But I managed it and was thus declared "an excellent artist". Truly, it must be fabby being 6 cos everything is excellent. Quick colouring in sesh. One "Most Enormous Turnip" bedtime story later and I was ready for my own bed.

I had a brief time to live my own life on Saturday morning before it was back to the bedlam. This time it was raining. Oh-oh. How to amuse 6 and 4 indoors whilst mummy jets off to Tesco to try on pretty dresses. We were bad. We let them watch a film. 6 picked Mask of Zorro cos he's into adventure at the moment. 4 wasn't so keen on the idea of watching the film. She was more interested in looking down my top and seeing what my underwear was like. And asking a lot of questions. And when I say a lot I mean like averaging about 10 questions per minute (it seemed that much anyway). Dinner rolled around yet again. Major hysterics followed from 4. Drama drama, sob sob, snuffle snuffle, it was all over, and all because of a furry bunny! Bathtime and Auntie Dizz had to wash them both. Then dry. Then pj them up. One bedtime story later, I was back in my own house, with a large glass of white, and lost myself in some music...

Phewee! Small people are hard work! And I'm going to look after them for an entire weekend in 4 weeks! Can you even imagine how exhausted I'm going to be? I've no doubt there'll be further amusing questions to post though.

Sunday rolled around and it was time to go and watch the dress rehearsal at theatre. This show is a musical. I love musicals...actually that's a total lie, I hate musicals. Passionately. But I gritted my teeth and made it through. It was surprisingly entertaining. And I even found myself humming a tune at the end so it can't be all that bad. What was not so amusing was the many speeches that accompany a dress rehearsal, my all time favourite being "don't spray any deodorant in the dressing rooms". I'm waiting for an opportune moment, then I'm going to run in with a deodorant aerosol in each arm and a black balaclava, spray the entire can, laugh maniacally, and then run away really really fast. Dare me anyone? xx

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wavey said...

Heh Heh ... you're only lucky they didn't stay at your house. Genghis Khan and his hordes leave less mess than my stay-overs !!!

OMG - at what age do we all start sounding like our parents ???

There's no way that anyone should be daring you with aerosol ... cos we all know what the result would be. I can imagine the conversation afterwards ... "Who was that masked man ?" ... "Dunno , but he had fat boobies" :-)